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Renilyn Tumanday

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Elli Kouthouri


An exhibition about style under lockdown, by First Year BA(Hons) Photography Students

With almost our entire social existence mediated by screens and microphones, staff and students on year 1 of the BA Photography course decided to embrace fantasy, role play and reinvention to rise above the monotony of the monitor. Working internationally, locked out of the campus, our emerging community responded critically and playfully, thinking about the many ways we use or experience ‘style.’ The result is a fresh and innovative gallery show that moves between energetic buzz, meditative calm, and cathartic release.


Amelia Gorochowik

Henrique Antonio

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At the end of an atypical year, the group have turned problems intosolutions and taken the image on a journey through and beyond the screen, mixing video, sound, image and performance to explore subjects as diverse as self-creation, extreme fashion, signal distortion, family

relationships and sustainable style – as well as the oscillation between fear and security, which has been our shared experience since March 19th 2020.

The show will be open to the visiting public in the Borough Road Gallery - in-person visitors are able to book in via Eventbrite to ensure the safe capacity of 8 people is not exceeded. Social distancing measures must be observed, and face coverings must be worn. An online show will be launched on the day.

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Jessica Moat