Normal Led To This

Normal Led To This was a really fun and interesting project that formed part of my Self Publishing and Promotion module.

Normal Led To This on display at the Borough Road Gallery

Initially I intended to get access to St.Georges hospital and some of the local GP surgery's and pharmacies to try and document the impact of covid-19 in the area I live in. However, after failing to gain access my project had to change and develop. Develop it did. For the first time I have created something that doesn't involve any of my own photographs, this allowed me to really develop my design skills but also the importance of selection, order and display to create something with a meaning and message. The photos not being my own helped me step back and see the project for what it was rather that worrying about whether my favourite photo from the series would make it into the final project.

Normal Led To This is a project that represents what it is like to live through a pandemic in physical form. A way of having something physical to show generations below us what it was like for people of every age and part of society to live through such a thing.

This was an incredibly fun project to work on from start to finish and has helped me develop my design and printing skills. The whole project is entirely hand made and printed by myself so I now have a massive sense of achievement. For more information about this publication and other publications people in my year have made you can click here.

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